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When this fast growing leader in the reverse mortgage servicing industry needed their next generation technology platform, M Systems designed, developed, and delivered one built on enterprise strength technology.

This M Systems customer previously used a home grown system that allowed them to start getting established in the reverse mortgage servicing marketplace. However, this initial success brought more demands and the company saw that their home grown system was not going to be scalable for the next level. This is when M Systems was called in, and, using technology from IBM, we designed and developed a brand new, web based, enterprise strength custom system on a fixed budget and delivered it on time. Our client has experienced exponential growth since then yet has been able to still manage the workload thanks to the strength and scalability of this system.

Reverse mortgage industry is a growing, competitive, and highly regulated industry. M Systems was able to digest and balance all these factors and, thanks to our solid software development and support methodologies, superior customer service, and always available, dependable, and quick responding teams, we have been there to help our client get ready for that next acquisition of tens of thousands of loans, or for that new regulatory change, or for that software upgrade.

The project was so successful that IBM has published a success story on it that can be read here <put the PDF somewhere on the website and provide a link to it here>.

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