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M Systems Recognized in Top 20 Database Solution Providers


20 Most Promising Technology Database Solution Providers 2015

With the humungous amounts of data flowing in from all the directions, the organizations today are striving to manage and process large amounts of information in real time. Especially in a scenario where the businesses are driven by mobile applications, modern enterprises rely on database technologies to underpin the applications to make them cost-effective, scalable, and continuously available. From the point of collection of data to the point of delivering appropriate information, executives pay keen attention at each stage of database management system. Extending its arms to support modern enterprises to effectively manage their databases, the database technology solution providers are relying on the latest trends in database such as Big Data, NoSQL databases, SSDs, in-memory, and columnar technologies that manifest agility and speed of deployment.

An effective management of database helps organizations to provide the ideal solution to the clients. It also empowers businesses to resolve operational problems, take wise decisions, and formulate future strategies.

In this edition of CIO Review, we bring to you “20 Most Promising Database Solution Providers 2015,” featuring the best solution and service providers offering technologies and services related to database. The companies listed here showcase extensive business knowledge and innovative strategies combined with talent base across locations.

A distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, analysts including CIO Review editorial board has selected the top players from over three hundred companies. The listing provides a look into how database solutions work in the real world to help organizations understand what technologies are available, which is right for them, and how they shape up against the competition.

M Systems International

The Complete Database Solution Provider

…..Today, databases serve as information storehouses and have become an integral part of the enterprise landscape. Ensuring that databases remain online throughout the year and are running optimally, requires a well-experienced technical team with proficiency in key aspects of database systems. In the current landscape of database solutions and Hal_Quote
services however, there is a definitive lack of right approach and discipline to ensure these information storehouses are organized. M Systems International, Inc., a database solutions provider based in Durham, in the Research Triangle Region of North Carolina, effectively addresses the need for thoroughly managed and well-monitored database systems. “We at M Systems conduct regular preventative maintenance and constant checks to keep the systems running optimally,” says Hal Maner, President of M Systems.
…..The firm has been helping enterprises solve challenges encountered when using database systems. M Systems leverages trends like cloud, the IoT, big data, and Solid State Drives (SSD) in their various offerings to give clients increased flexibility and speed during database operations. “We have been following current data trends closely for many years and have been using SSDs in our own datacenters long before it went mainstream,” says Maner. The SSD-based database and application servers are a major part of M Systems’ cloud-based offerings.
…..To cater to the IoT, in-memory computing, and big data needs of customers, M Systems partners with tech giants like IBM and Microsoft to offer innovative database solutions. “Our partnerships have helped us gain early access to tools for SQL databases, in-memory computing tools, and other database related technology,” says Maner. Leveraging these alliances, M Systems gains a deep understanding of latest technologies and infuses them into their product portfolio. Moreover, M Systems offers mission-critical solutions like IBM Informix and Microsoft SQL Server database solutions alongside monitoring services at economical prices. “We assist our customers address a number of challenges in database management like developing and deploying software applications and speeding up database operations when using Informix and Microsoft SQL Server,” says Maner.
…..Additionally, M Systems’database reporting services involve a back-end operation package that offers database monitoring, preventive maintenance, performance tuning, and installation services. Overall, the solutions offered by M Systems have had transformative effects on their clients’ database systems. In one instance,—a not-for-profit government service organization in public power, representing cities and towns—approached M Systems for skills necessary to operate their Informix and Microsoft SQL Server based infrastructure. After adopting M Systems’ easily adaptable and cost-effective services, the customer’s mission critical databases were online and operating at peak performance at a fraction of the cost of the previous full time contract approach used by the client. Furthermore, M Systems also assisted the organization when upgrading several components in their database system—ensuring hassle-free transition and integration. “By providing on-going database administration and support, we ensured that our client’s systems were efficient and well-maintained,” says Maner.
…..With in depth knowledge and resolve to fix every problem a client encounters related to database systems, the firm has developed a distinct repute in the competitive market of database solution providers. For the future, M Systems plans on adding more services to its growing repertoire of web-based solutions and expanding its horizons in database systems. “We have a growing customer base in North America for various production solutions. We aim to increase this number globally as we develop newer web-based solutions in industries such as Reinsurance, K-12 Education, Non-profit, Finance, Manufacturing, Electrical, and Animal Science,” concludes Maner.