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M Systems Helps Electrical Industry Leader

Customer: a global leader in the electrical industry.

Challenge: become more agile, increase sales and customer service efficiency by use of technology.

Electrical repair orders, replacement part order easily placed and tracked on the web or on a tablet, even on an iPhone…

Mission critical backend systems featuring IBM’s Informix technology running fast and always dependable…

This is what M Systems can provide extremely fast and always be there for that next enhancement or to address whatever is needed 24x7x365.

Working with technology from Microsoft (.NET), IBM (Informix and Informix-4GL), web services, Apple IOS apps, integrating with e-commerce industry leaders such as ThomasNet…

Designing lightning-fast part search technology, making different technologies from companies such as Microsoft and IBM work hand in hand… What used to take several clicks, drill downs, potentially 30 seconds or a minute long part search now takes less than a second and single click!

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 2.15.04 PM

Simple and fast part search.