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Legacy Software Support, Enhancement and Modernization

Many organizations continue to use and depend on systems first implemented 10 or more years ago. While there may not be a need to replace these systems, ongoing support is needed, and often minor enhancements and fixes can extend the system’s life cycle.

M Systems has substantial experience and an impeccable track record with numerous clients where we:

  • Provided seamless support provision for an existing system. The support has included minor fixes allowing continued use of existing systems, minor to significant enhancements and solving problems others deemed unfixable.
  • Successfully upgraded and migrated older, often unsupported systems to newer hardware, operating systems, database and programming environments. Transitioning from old “green screen” terminal based applications to graphical user interface (GUI) and web-based technology are all part of our success portfolio.
  • Moved applications with C/C++, Informix-4GL, Microsoft Visual Basic/Access, Java, COBOL technologies to newer Linux/Unix/Windows platforms