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M Systems Helps Leading Medical Supply Company Improve Distribution


Client:  A leader in the health care medical supplies field in the USA. Medical Supply Warehouse

Challenge: Integrate efficiency and productivity enhancements using new technologies such as email and SMS/text messages, web service integration.

Our Solution:  Working with technology from IBM (Informix) and FourJs (Genero programming environment), M Systems delivered numerous enhancements positively impacting the medical supply chain during a time that mattered the most, the COVID-19 pandemic.

M Systems teams created new software components that seamlessly integrated with the existing ERP system, exchanging secure data with technology components such as mpulse (SMS/text messaging) and SendGrid (emails).

M Systems teams also delivered a brand new software component in a very short time, allowing our client to better position itself as the leader in the medical supply business for a specific item. As a result of the success of this high visibility project, M Systems received congratulations and notes of appreciation from the customer service reps up to the corporate CEO.